The sample size in this study may be considered small when compared to other studies. However, this study has the value of being a prospective one with a careful design requiring home interviews and control of the living conditions. All women who became pregnant and were indicated to the researchers by the community over a one-year period were invited to take part in the study. The evaluation methods used in this study were sensitive enough to detect the strongest associations between environmental or biological variables and maternal depression. Other associations between depression and, for example, pregnancy acceptance, job before pregnancy and previous psychiatric treatment could have reached statistical significance had the sample size been larger. Black women accounted for a greater proportion of depressed volunteers and the number of previous pregnancies was lower among depressed than not depressed women . No other differences were detected between the two groups.

On the other hand, 33.3% of the sample had depressive episodes during the postpartum segment of the study without having been depressed during pregnancy. In the third trimester of pregnancy, 37.9% of the women were depressed. Prenatally depressed women differed from not depressed women when the percentage of positive partner support was considered . Women who did not achieve high EPDS scores reported greater support from their partners from the beginning of pregnancy.

“It will be incredible for people to watch on TV,” Rosa said. With 3 slots in street and 3 in park in contention, meet the who may take centre stage in Tokyo next year. This new Olympic connection has subsequently pushed the bounds for women skateboarders. With more women now taking up the sport, they are now in equal footing with their male counterparts in their quest for Olympic glory. It’s no big deal, figures speak for themselves… Brazil was since 2011 considered like the second consumer world market regarding the hair care products just after the United States. But the hair business in Brazil is also the result of a culture giving importance to beauty, associated to a great variety of hair types, eight in total, due to a high interbreeding.

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Since lockdown restrictions were imposed by some state and municipal authorities across Brazil in mid-March, judges who specialise in gender-based violence estimate that such cases have doubled. But women’s rights activists believe these alarming figures are only a fraction of the actual number, given the numerous obstacles facing women who need help. “For some women, knowing they can contact someone is already a great relief, while others need more specialised psychological support,” Silvestre says. This is why her organisation has also mobilised a number of volunteer psychologists who are using various online platforms to connect with the women most in need and help them through the days of lockdown. Brazil is now the COVID-19 epicentre in South America, and while no one was prepared for the pandemic, their years of activism helped them spring into action. Nascimento told us that their campaign is “turning out to be successful, with many women contacting us for help even from areas we hadn’t targeted directly, which shows our information is being shared widely”. But these activists are also feeling the weight on their shoulders.

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However, there was no temporal pattern in the appearance of episodes. No relationship was found between high EPDS scores after birth and problems in initiating or maintaining breast feeding, even when mothers depressed only in the first month postpartum were considered. Depression during the third trimester of pregnancy was not predictive of postpartum depression. Only two women (9.5%) who were depressed during the six-month follow-up had depressive episodes during pregnancy.

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