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Or when you’re working in a network environment and you need to comply with the policies of your organization. Sometimes, making edits to a document may not be visible during application sharing.

You can stop Windows 10 quality updates for up to 35 days. After that, you must install the latest update to use the option again. This is the same for both Windows 10 Home and Pro users. They will download behind the scenes but not install automatically.

But you can delay feature updates up to 365 days by double-clicking the relevant option in group policy, setting it to Enabled, and changing the number of days in the Options box. Since the initial release of Windows 10 back in 2015, users have continued to ask Microsoft to give them controls over when and if they should install the latest Windows updates. Trying to avoid the disastrous Android-like fragmentation issues, Microsoft pushes monthly security and feature updates to every machine running Windows 10. But they have more than often resulted in compatibility issues and other minor bugs and problems, if not major issues. For this, Microsoft has integrated an option, since build 14997, to be able to pause these updates and thus prevent them from being automatically applied to the system. Click Configure automatic updating and select 2-Notify for download and notify for install. You will now be notified the next time updates are available.

The Windows 10 update mania is a blessing as much as it is a curse. dill files On the one hand, Microsoft can constantly improve the operating system and bless users with new options and features to play with. On the other,updates may also have undesired consequences or remove old software and features you appreciated. Choosing not to update Microsoft Store apps doesn’t have any security implications because these applications run in a sandbox that restricts interaction with the rest of the operating system.

By sticking with an old version, however, you might miss out on bug fixes or new features. In Windows 10, however, Microsoft also uses Windows Update to deploy minor quality updates once a month and major feature updates twice a year. This can overburden limited internet connections because Windows Update will download gigabytes of data. Since updates are applied automatically, restarts could also strike at inconvenient times.

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How to disable the Pause updates feature on Windows 10

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You have to trigger it and your PC will reboot a few times to complete the installation. Alongside these new changes, the May Update will also allow you to take full control and decide if users can pause updates, which is an option that can come in handy in many scenarios. For instance, it’ll be useful when sharing a computer with multiple users when you’re already managing deadlines for automatic updates and restarts.

  • Laptops without a DVD drive will need you to use your HP recovery USB drive.
  • Also, insert the next recovery disc when prompted.
  • Windows 7’s repair tools can be accessed in a variety of ways.
  • Table 8.3 provides a quick reference to these tools and how to access them.
  • Remember to remove the USB drive before restarting the laptop.

The semi-annual feature updates involve much longer delays, leaving you unable to access apps or data for up to an hour, and occasionally even longer. When the option is enabled, updates will be paused for 35 days. If you are a Windows Insider, and your PC is configured to receive pre-release builds of the OS, then updates will be paused for 7 days only. Also, some important updates like definitions for Windows Defender will continue to be downloaded and installed regardless of the state of the Pause Updates option.