QQ writer blogged about underage girls on Chinese wedding website that is seeking are as young as 12, 13 years old. is the internet site address, hunlian means fall in love and get married in Chinese.

In the home page: “China’s marriage that is biggest seeking website” “There are regional web sites in over 3000 cities and towns when you look at the country” “Leaving messages is free, the only person into the country” “Verified because of the people, authenticated by the public security” “Guaranteed success membership, get married in 3 month”

Therefore I decided to go to your website and did a search myself, sure enough there are numerous user pages showed chronilogical age of 12, 13, 14… Will they be real? Taking a look at among the pages

when you look at the profile she published:

My moms and dads had been divorced once I ended up being really young, , my mind is when you look at the shadow of these divorce. We became very scared of wedding. Around me already have their families I also wish to have a family of my own as I grow older and older, People all. Who is able to comfort my lonely heart? I will be waiting.

Looking for: Age: 30 years old – 36 years height that is old 175 – Open-cm Education: College money: 1,000 / month Marital history: available Location: any place in the National Best Occupation: not filled Member fundamental information Member Name: Autumn Leaves Member Number: 4950 Intercourse: Female Age: 12 years old (1997-1-10) Height: 168 centimeters body Weight: 52 kg training: college Occupation: not filled earnings: 1,500 yuan / month Marriage looking for status: Looking for Marital history: maybe not married (no kids) Member degree: General Member

There are numerous more “older” underage girls on this website and their profiles looks more believable, many of them have appearance to be real pictures of on their own.

Some 17 year old pages:

We have a youngster, “not hitched with child” searching for a family group fit in with myself looking for: Age: 20 – 40 Location: exact Same province (Gansu) Member basic information Age: 17 (1992 -7- 14) wedding looking for status: Seeking

Understand me will do, love is also essential OO haha

Seeking: age: 20- 30 Height:174-179 cm Location: same province (Anhui) Member fundamental information Age: 17 (1992-3-2) wedding looking for status: looking for

Sincerely to locate a mature man who loves me, this time around we plan to get hitched. I am hoping you might be genuine and serious, thank you! looking for: age: 19- 25 Height: 175-180 cm income: 5000/month Location: exact same province (Anhui) Member fundamental information Age: 17 (1992-12-22) Occupation: nursing assistant Marriage looking for status: Seeking Marital history: not married (no kids) income: 5000/month

I will be faithful when comes to love, i wish to find an individual I adore and in addition loves me personally i really believe I shall meet him. Looking for: Age: 20- 26 income: 3000/month Location: exact same city (Xuchang) or maybe more developed spot Member basic information Age: 17 (1992-1-26) Marriage searching for status: Looking for

In search of someone… Seeking: Age: 16 years – 18 years height that is old 178 – 185 centimeters Education: Other Income: 2000 / yuan / month History of marriage: wedding is certainly not filled Location: any place in the nationwide Desired Occupation: Other Member basic information Member Name: 小右 Member No.: 163609 Sex: Female Age: 17 years of age (1992-12-3) Height: 174 centimeters Weight: 80 kg Education: undergraduate Occupation: pupil Revenue: 10 yuan / month Marriage searching for status: Seeking Marital history: not married (no young ones) Member amount: General Member Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Wuhan City (Popularity Index: 341)

I will be positive, self-confident a good and mature elegant woman whom always bring joy to other people; a fragile and sentimental fearful girl that is always alone in sadness; a forgiving and tolerant woman who’s got a man’s character; a mild and virtuous woman that is petty and jealous with regards to love; a traditional and woman that is fashionable. My most readily useful characteristic is hind hearted, genuine and enthusiastic. The biggest shortcoming is nevertheless kind-hearted, genuine and enthusiastic blindly. We have contradictory mind, contradictory personality, contradictory body… Only friends can read and understand her! looking for: Age: 38 years old – 50 years of age Height: 177 – Open-cm Education: College Income: 10,000 / month reputation for wedding: divorce wedding Location: exact Same province (Guangdong Province) Desired Occupation: not filled Member fundamental information Member title: lisa_xu71 Member ID: 36807 Sex: Female Age: 17 years of age (1992-11-15) Height: 199 centimeters body Weight: 54 kg Education: college career: study abroad Income: 4,000 yuan / month Marriage seeking status: Seeking Marital history: maybe not married (no children) Member amount: General Member Area: Zhuhai, Guangdong Zhuhai City genuine specific address (Popularity Index: 449)