This spirit blended with hopes and dreams displays the fragility of Laura’s temperament.

The glass unicorn symbolizes specially Laura since unicorn differs from other horses. Her hopes and goals crushed when Jim broked the horn and the unicorn became standard horse.


In summary, William Tennessee 1 of the best playwrights of the twentieth century. “The Glass Menagerie” is the engage in which made him well-known and profitable.

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The writer calls this operate the memory participate in simply because the whole engage in is a memory of the protagonist. It is poetic and imaginary earth.

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The symbolic pictures perform the significant position in this engage in mainly because they depict the poetic and deep themes of social reality and particular dramas. Figures, matters, and scenes are symbols in this perform. The primary symbolical visuals are Tom, Amanda and Laura Wingfield’s, the hearth-escape, the Glass Menagerie and Glass Unicorn. They from time to time make lovely, sometimes unfortunate photographs of the drama.

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