It has 4.8 star rating and has been bought a thousand times. It allows you to rewind if you accidentally get killed by some enemies, automatically save game state, and nice-looking interface. My Old Boy still allows you to save game state, but you can’t link cable here. The full version includes tilt sensor, multiple cheats, and more. John GBAC is just another Game Boy Advance emulator that is free to download. It’s also one of the best, and provide a virtual on-screen keyboard. It’s the successor of the John GBA app that has been listed previously.

Years later all the people who owned or played GBA back in its glory days want to relive those days and play their favorite titles again. The app provides a multi-player feature, support external gamepads, and customizable on-screen keyboards. It’s a nice way to bring back nostalgia with your childhood, without the need to buy the actual console.

But, that’s always easy to find a good GBA emulator on Play Store. You might find a low-rated GBA emulator that doesn’t really work and stuff. You can read this list to find the best of GBA emulators for Android yourself.

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The game has a nice search feature, that lets you find your installed NES games on your phone. You can also plug in your own controller to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This is the free version of Pizza Boy, a nice GBA emulator that still works pretty well. It is built based on C programming language, making it perform well on low-end Android smartphones. The only thing that distinguishes from other emulators is probably the skin you can customize and its interface that is nice-looking.

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This app has been downloaded over 10 million times, with pretty good star ratings. It is only 13MB, and a different kind of GameBoy game. This GBC emulator doesn’t really explain its features in Play Store, but it has a good reputation because it works pretty well with almost all Android devices. This emulator is made by the same developer, just like the previous one. It has been downloaded over hundred thousand times on Play Store, which is nice. VinaBoy Advance is just regular NES emulator app that has an auto-save feature, supports full sound, and is smooth to use.

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If you find an issue within the game, you can report it to the developer. It works with any orientation, and support low-end Android phones. This one includes selectable color palettes, multi-touch features, and cheat codes. This emulator has a good rating, and has been bought over 10 thousand times. GBA Emulator is one of the most popular, easy-to-use emulator that is free. It has been downloaded by a million users, which is amazing.

  • The games selection of the Sega Genesis Mini is very generous, with 40 classic games that span the history of the console, plus two bonus titles.
  • this would be 1000X better than a flashcart to the average user and would theoretically have the ultimate benefit of 100% accuracy because its on actual hardware.
  • The interface makes picking and loading up games easy, and games pop up nice and quickly.
  • And if you’ve never played the original Genesis, then this is an affordable way to catch up on some brilliant games you missed out on.

You probably won’t ever think there’s any other emulator out there with better controllers than this one. This is the nicest and cheapest GBA emulator out there with powerful features.

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It is brick game that consists of easy-to-play but challenging many games sorted from A to Z. Even the sounds in this app sound just like the real portable console which brings back memories.