The good thing is that the hour-long runtime is sufficient to trim large yards, and you can expect a total of 2000 charge and discharge cycles before the batteries require replacement. If a gas trimmer isn’t for you, an electric one may be the right answer. In a time where it’s more important than ever to be conscious of the impact our everyday activities have on the environment, choosing an electric trimmer can go a long way to help out.

However, when you want a little more control and ease of use over your trimming, then you’re going to want a model with a curved shaft. Of those curved shaft models I’ve seen, this one really stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Another feature that I really like in this weed wacker is its extra wide cutting area, which is among the biggest that I’ve seen on any model out there.

Best Weed Wacker Reviews

A curved trimmer will be held at a slightly different angle than one with a straight shaft. Most users find the curved form more comfortable, but that’s not universal. If possible, try out both types to see which is the best fit for you. The Troy-Bilt TB575EC is the most affordable model in the 4 stroke trimmer class at an MSRP of under $200.

If you’re a landscaper or would like to become one, check out the Husqvarna 128LD. This powerful machine withstands commercial use, but it’s also ideal for anyone with a yard bigger than half an acre. Powerful and versatile, it also impresses with variable speed and cruise control. The former allows you to choose from extra time or extra power, while the latter enhances comfort during operation.

Best Cordless Weed Eaters

You can choose the straight or the curved shaft with this gas weed eater. On the other hand, the 2-cycle gas weedeaters are more powerful, which means that you can use the weaker engine and get more power due to their performance. That means that you have to use a heavier and bulkier 4-cycle gas powered weed trimmers if you want to get the same power as the lighter and smaller 2-cycle trimmer. As the product name implies, a shorter 52” straight shaft contributes to making this the lightest trimmer we reviewed. Unfortunately, the lightweight advantage is somewhat cancelled out by the difficult engine starter. This trimmer works best on thin grass; tough weeds may tax the included .080 line.

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Palm Coast Resident Takes Issue With Councilman’s Code Enforcement Vigilantism on Social Media.

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You will need to assess the optimum cutting swath for your yard. While it may be tempting to opt for the largest possible, if you have lots of odds shapes in your yard, you may prefer the precision of a smaller cutting swath. The adjustable spacer guard helps to protect your flowers and yard ornaments, while the translucent tank allows you to monitor the fuel level as you’re working. If you do not have the ability to purchase a second battery, you will be faced with the charge time of the single battery that you have. Most batteries last around 30 minutes of use time, while the time it takes them to charge can be 1 to 3 hours. This means that if you have tough weeds or thick grass, you need to get through, do it first.

While a regular weed eater will easily take care of a large yard, you’ll need a commercial weed eater if you have a large lawn. Here are our reviews of the best commercial weed eaters of 2021 to help you buy a machine that’s easy to use and up to the job. Such attributes as its clear fuel tank, air purge primer bulb, and T25 trimmer head make this one of the easiest gas-powered weed eaters to use for old-timers and newbies alike. You’ll also appreciate its detachable head and included attachments, as well as its included two-cycle oil—a few less purchases you’ll need to make down the line. This power tool is also one of the lightest on our list, weighing in at 11 pounds. Best of all, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty so you can rest assured your purchase is covered should something go wrong or not meet your expectations.

This enables you to tackle multiple outdoor tasks with this versatile gas-powered trimmer, eliminating the need to buy additional equipment. However, the attachments are sold separately, so you’ll have to pay extra to enjoy the convenience they provide. We’ve come to the end of this review in search of the best gas trimmers and you’ve seen all the different offers out there and what they each cost.

This weed eater from SALEM MASTER is not only ergonomic in every sense of the word, but also strong enough to take on heavy-duty trimming jobs with its 3T and dual line attachments. And don’t let its large 51.7cc two-cycle engine intimidate you—the handles are designed for shock absorption to make the entire process less of a hassle for you. The 2-in-1 Straight best gas weed eater Shaft Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer from Wild Badger Power is another affordable option, though this one offers a bit more versatility than the previous trimmer from Remington. Its head is attachment-capable, featuring a universal attachment system constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum for longevity—it even comes with two attachments already!

best gas weed eater

The home improvement store partnered with Kobalt to provide quality tools at a reasonable price, and the Kobalt brand often goes head-to-head with larger name-brand companies. They sell five different battery-powered string trimmers in Lowe’s stores across the country. combines user reviews from around the web to help consumers select the best weed eater they can purchase. They also offer a buying guide as well as comprehensive lists of pros and cons for the top models. For a truly one-stop shop, they also provide links directly to products on Amazon, so you don’t have to try to track down the exact model you decide to purchase.

When To Use A Trimmer

While most standard trimmers will have a cutting area of around 14 inches, which is definitely enough for the average yard, this model offers a 17 inch cutting width. At that size, you can cover large areas in less time, since you don’t have to move as much to work over the same area. It also means that it can handle some of the larger plants that can grow wild in yards, as it allows you to take full advantage of that powerful gas motor. Gas engines are also helpful for working on very large properties, since all you need to do is refill the tank when you run out of fuel and you can keep on trimming.

The Greenworks String Trimmer is an ideal choice if you have a small to medium garden. It is lightweight, but powerful due to its 4 Amp motor, and with an electrical startup, you will be up and trimming away in no time. Most models have a handle that can make using a trimmer a lot easier, but some also have an adjustable handle that can be rotated. With an adjustable handle, you can turn the trimmer over to change from horizontal trimming to vertical edging.

This string is meant to break down over time during regular use, and most trimmers will have a way to automatically dispense more line from an internal spool for simple and easy weed whacking. Try not to be lured by fancy brands and focus more on what your specific needs are. I hope you now feel confident in purchasing your next electric weed eater. Also, some of these are great introductory tools for young kids. Out daughter loves it when we use our electric weed eater, she just can’t wait to use it herself. We had to buy her a toy weed eater to keep her happy until she can use a real one.

Reviewers praise the high quality power, ergonomics, precision, and safety of this model. They go so far as to call it a “beast of a trimmer,” whipping through even the most dense weeds with awesome precision. Running your trimmer for any amount of time is sure to leave your hands feeling numb. The vibrations can be kept to a minimum with the newer anti-vibration technology!


However, larger engines can also increase the weight and vibration of the machine, which can lead to getting tired faster during operation. “A commercial string trimmer featuring a 28 cc 2-cycle engine, 17-inch cutting swath, a dual-line feed Tap’N Go head and a straight shaft.” Since there is no large engine attached to the trimmer, the only weight associated with an electric trimmer is that of the battery. This is particularly beneficial for people who may have difficulty lifting heavy tools for long periods of time.

best gas weed eater

You can get done quicker because you aren’t focused on the mechanics, but over time, all of the moving parts underneath the head of your weed eater might need some maintenance. The WORX WG175 is a great option for anyone looking for three options or more when they’re cutting their yard. This means that you’ve got the ultimate tool for eliminating the weeds in your yard. You’ll also be able to maximize the battery life on the WORX grass trimmer and edger because it operates on 32-volts of power, eliminating grass in no time at all. A string trimmer is a specific edging tool that consists of a long shaft, handle, small engine, and then a head that contains a spool of tough monofilament string. When turned on, the engine propels the string, which sticks out through two holes, and causes it to spin at high speeds.

Our main complaint about this trimmer is that the guard size is pretty small. This makes it more lightweight, but also means it kicks up a lot of grass and debris. The length of a trimmer line is a very important consideration in the purchase of a trimmer line. Longer trimmer line lengths save you time to keep going back to the store to purchase more. Another benefit is, longer trimmer lines offer you value for your money.