The game works well the graphics are good. I like to chose my p not forced to play with anyone. The developers of this game and the program behind it are demonic. Its full of pre determined outcomes, cheats, and app ran accounts. A real missed opportunity at a great app.

The interfacing of the game is great though the ads are annoying. I’d happily pay extra to not have to see those (and maybe that’s possible and I just missed it). The biggest flaw with this game—and it’s substantial—is the scoring. Because every game seems to have a VERY low score by which to win, it removes a lot of the strategy that makes spades fun.

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Zynga, if you’re going to stop supporting a platform how about letting people know ahead of time. Filled with glitches which rob you of your coins. The server is restarted often which results in lost games as well. Not worth the effort or cost involved in getting coins just to lose them to one of the numerous game glitches. Developers are unresponsive to feedback. Too many other great games out there that don’t have these issues and don’t rip you off.

He’ll search for a local island you can visit. Your friend’s island name should pop up and then you can fly over! We suggest doing this one player at a time because if multiple players are trying to fly over simultaneously your flight may get canceled, forcing you to repeat these steps. Up to 8 players can play together on one player’s island via online multiplayer or local wireless.

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Novices, advanced players, and Canasta masters – everyone plays at the Canasta Palace. You can find fellow players of any level round the clock. Our main motive is enthusiasm for playing cards. We want to spread it, so we want you to be able to access the game on all current platforms.

  • It’s very sweet, and the kind of engrossing game that can rob days from your life.
  • Erik Arneson has been writing about games since 1999.
  • Also the emojis can really get on my nerves.
  • If they have a card in the same suit as the first card then that suit must be played.
  • A misdeal Download Spades Plus APK for Android is a deal in which all players have not received the same number of cards or a player has dealt out of turn.
  • You either get all 4 and 5 bids, or all 1 and 2 bids.
  • Playing with real cards in a cozy round undoubtedly has appealing aspects unrealizable in online Canasta.