Many users pick their favorites based on other features entirely, like a pleasant user interface or alert services. Places like Florida, California and Alaska are easier to forecast with high accuracy. In California, apps predicted rain in some areas with more than 97 percent accuracy in 2015. Likewise, temperature forecasts are strongest in Florida.

If you really want to make a successful weather app, it is imperative that you create one that offers users everything they want. For ordinary weather apps????️ Interactive maps that show a difference in temperature, precipitation, clouds, wind speed and other conditions over the globe. Another massive technology that can be used to make a weather app. It provides daily and hourly forecasts for the needed location. It then measures quantities like temperature and pressure.

Benefits Of A Ski & Snow Report App

It also might be a bit too complex for the average user to understand, so we’d recommend some of the other weather websites and apps if you’re looking for something easy to use. For outdoor enthusiasts that might require a more comprehensive look at the weather—especially boaters and pilots—Windy is a great option. In addition to radar, it overlays wind data information in a fluid and visually appealing way. You can layer all kinds of things on top, from precipitation to cloud cover, and even browse through weather model data. We’ve assembled a list of the seven best weather radar websites and apps for 2021. Understanding complicated weather events is much more difficult than just pointing to a few data points on an app.

It gives you minute-by-minute predictions packaged in a digestible way. Weather information can be very detailed and clunky, but Dark Sky conveys it neatly. You can review all of the details of your forecast and choose the ones that you need. You’ll be able to get hourly forecasts of projected conditions and temperature for your entire week, with customizable weather alerts available.

Weather Forecasts For Thousands Of Locations Around The World

AccuWeather collects user information and may disclose it to “unaffiliated third-party providers” for targeting advertising in this app and in others, according to its privacy APK DLD policy. You can change your permissions on your device (such as turning off location-based services). Weather apps provide a basic service in many different ways, but beware potential privacy issues. Google has come along way with what it provides when you search weather in your area. On stock Android phones, this feature comes fully loaded but can be accessed on iPhone or other Android phones by downloading the Google app. If you want to get really into the weeds, then RadarScope is the app you’re looking for.

  • Right now we are in a Level 1 threat for severe storms.
  • If you want to keep up with the changing weather, you can use the Weather app on Windows 10.
  • It may not be as great as others, as it only provides info on a 7-day or weekly basis.
  • The main page shows the temperature, what it feels like, precipitation, wind speed, and the hourly forecast, plus predictions for the next four days.
  • Subscribers can also hook into data pulled from personal weather stations right in their backyard.
  • Than Pham, from Epping in Sydney’s north, was one of those people who opened his Apple weather app last month to discover he was about to be swept off his feet by a tornado.