This version contained the books of the Old Testament Apocrypha. Therefore, from Jesus’ actions, as well as from His words, we find that the festival of Dedication, as commanded in the books of the Maccabees, had a divine origin. According to the Roman Catholic way of viewing the evidence, this gives further testimony to the authority of these books. The decrees made by these councils was soon confirmed by the Bishop of Rome; Pope Innocent I. From that time forward, this Old Testament canon was universally accepted by the church.

LORD, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about. The best dramatized audio bible of King James Bible- KJV or KJV Dramatized.

The King James Version Of The Bible

Sometimes this is due to the limitations of the language he’s translating into , and sometimes it’s due to translator error. Nobody trying to do a careful job of translating a book of Scripture will rough out a translation in a single night and leave it at that. Recently, I read one Douay-Rheims Onlyist booklet that actually praised this as a demonstration of Jerome’s linguistic prowess. One can only say that this demonstrates a lack of familiarity with how translation works. But to his disadvantage, Jerome learned these languages in a time before dictionaries and foreign language grammars had been invented.

Again, the fun of this app seemed to be more the animations than anything about the Bible itself. This is probably the best-known and most-used Bible app for kids. This is an attractive and stable app that gives a clickable tour through 41 Bible stories. It’s geared for adults who know a particular version of the Bible ; kids may become quickly frustrated. This is another app by RD Games, who also produced Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge. Like that one, this has upbeat music, is geared mainly toward adults , and gives a certain thrill to the user who can do well in the app.

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The Latin Vulgate was, for many years, the only official Catholic edition of the Bible, and an English translation known as the Douay-Rheims was finally published in 1609 AD. Catholic Answers adds that the Douay-Rheims currently available today is not, in fact, the original, 1609 version. Instead, it is a revision of the Douay-Rheims completed during the mid-eighteenth King James Bible apk latest version century by Bishop Richard Challoner, and partly based on Hebrew and Greek manuscripts . There are differences from Western usage in the naming of some books (see, for instance, Esdras#Naming conventions). As a result, Bibles used by English-speaking Catholics for study and devotion typically do not match the liturgical texts read during mass, even when based on the same translation.

  • This is an amazing app that all new Bible apps for kids should be measured by.
  • The Catholic Bible was not one book in its earlier years, but in the late fourth century these books were compiled together to form one book.
  • But He is also God and we are to love and deal with Jesus on His terms, not our own.
  • So, universities and libraries would provide them to their customers by providing “open” books which were either tied or put in cages where one could only reach a hand in there to turn the page.
  • They were not allowed a place among the sacred books, during the first four centuries of the Christian Church.
  • King James said that since he was never a Catholic he could not be termed a heretick.