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It may be tough to steadfastly keep up with the new and popular apps that teenagers utilize, but it’s important to keep your eyes open for apps that pose potential dangers to your teens if you’re the parent of a teenager who uses smartphones or other mobile devices. You may possibly contemplate using parental control software for better tabs on teenagers’ mobile unit usage.

Within the full instance associated with the software Yubo, that was previously known as Yellow, there are sufficient concerns that some schools have actually sent letters to moms and dads warning them concerning the application. If you’re worried? Here’s what you should understand.

This app that is location-based users be associates centered on a bit more than an image.

“Tinder for Teens”

It appears clear that the software ended up being built to resemble the app that is dating in some crucial methods. Yubo shows users photos of other users, and additionally they can swipe right or left to like or pass on the user that they’re taking a look at. Whenever two users are really a match, they’re linked regarding the software and may chat, share then pictures, and deliver videos.

The application defines it self as being an app that is social making new friends but because of the obvious resemblance to a favorite relationship software, it is to be anticipated that teens will make use of it for that function. And even though young ones under 13 are banned from utilizing the application and users over 18 are banned from contacting underage users, there’s no verification process in position, therefore there’s no chance to be certain that users are providing their proper many years. A 12-year-old could pose as an adult teenager, a 15-year-old could imagine to be a grown-up, and, maybe many concerningly, a grown-up could register pretending to be a young adult.

Connection to Snapchat

Yubo’s connection to Snapchat could keep teens susceptible to being tracked or situated by somebody pretending to be a teen.

Another concern about Yubo is the fact that it includes the possibility to include matches made on Yubo towards the user’s Snapchat connections. spanking tube sites Since Snapchat is generally employed by teenagers to document different areas of their day-to-day everyday lives, including their social and college tasks, the images shared could provide a Yubo contact plenty of information on a teen’s everyday life.

This might be specially concerning once you just take Snapchat’s Snap Map function into consideration. Snap Maps shows maps that pinpoint a user’s location whenever a picture had been taken, that could allow another user to track them in real-time or get locations that will stay personal, like school and home addresses. Snap Map places can just only be viewed by a user’s connections, also most abundant in public settings, however, if a teenager is incorporating contacts from Yubo it could give the wrong person an intimate look at their lives and locations that they don’t know well to their Snapchat contacts.

How to handle it?

Correspondence is key right right here. It’s important to communicate with your child in regards to the prospective problems of utilizing Yubo, like the chance that grownups might register pretending become teenagers. Whether you choose that the teenager should not be allowed to download dating apps at all or perhaps you decide that they’re allowed it utilize the software so long as they obey particular security guidelines, it is crucial to talk frankly along with your children concerning this application among others want it.

WebWatcher’s parental monitoring application can let you know which apps your young ones are getting and exactly how they’re making use of those apps. Good parental monitoring computer computer software makes it possible to stop your teenager from making a possibly dangerous error. To learn more exactly how software that is parental work with your household, get our trial offer.