Razer has been around for ages and they deliver some solid products. One of the game controller lineups they did was the Wolverine which right now they have the Wolverine V2. It’s a wired controller made for the Xbox Series X but of course, it’s available to connect to your PC as well. This controller has everything you would expect from the standard Xbox controller, but like the Elite series, there are some nice little extra features.

The game looks absolutely beautiful, throwing you into Games Load Mobi a moribund fantasy world filled with fallen warriors, broken cities, and environments where it looks like even the skies are rotting. Be warned that this is a very hard game – as intended – and is very much aimed at players looking for a high-challenge, high-rewards experience rather than something more swipey and casual.

How To Install Aos Tv On Pc & Mac?

There is some sort of algorithm that governs the display of notifications on the iPhone home screen, but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. Sometimes there’s a big X that you can tap to clear older notifications; other times the only way to get rid of notifications is one at a time. On an Android device, by contrast, the default Android launcher is easy to replace. Device makers regularly do this, with mixed results, but the real benefit is that you can replace the default launcher with one that you prefer. I really like the Microsoft Launcher, which started out as a side project but has turned into a serious effort, with version 5 just around the corner.

  • If you like playing word games, then word chum is a good choice for you!
  • The solution to all these questions is one, and that is Cinema APK or HDMovies app.
  • option to allow apps from a source other than the app store.
  • This mobile remaster features high-def graphics, although you can play with the original graphics if you like.

The database of the program recognizes songs from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra or Spice Girls. Nothing or almost nothing escapes the app, thanks to its huge music database. The only thing you need to do is hold your Android phone close to the source of the sound and wait about five seconds for it to process the song. Right after, and without the need of being silent, the program will tell you the exact title of the song you were listening to. The best way is to wipe everthing and downgrade your firmware at least one level boot up add test it.

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However, if you think gaming on your android device may be of interest as well then this controller might be worth the $60. Sony just launched their PlayStation 5 console into the market and that came with a brand new controller launch. Instead of the DualShock 4, more players will be using the new DualSense. Now, this is a big change up on the PlayStation 5 as you’re given more bells and whistles such as trigger resistance along with greater haptic feedback experiences. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can get much use out of on PC.