See Facility Charges below. This requirement is further outlined in BPM Section 25.6.2.

Transportation/Parking Costs

Mandatory transportation costs at some organizations are charged to supply pupils usage of an institution’s transportation system or perhaps a transit that is public, while at other people, this charge can be recognized as a parking cost to give you usage of campus parking for pupils. Transportation and parking are usually handled as auxiliary enterprises in addition to pupil fees connected with those tasks ought to be utilized to support those auxiliary functions. BPM Section 15 provides help with the spending of auxiliary enterprise funds.

Those fees should be designated to support that project’s lease payments and other required project costs if a specific Public Private Venture transportation/parking project is funded with a mandatory student fee. See Facility Costs below. This requirement is further outlined in BPM Section 25.6.2.

Center Costs

Center charges are usually charged along with Public Private Venture (PPV) projects whereby pupils are evaluated a charge to invest in the price of operations and solution money rent re re payments on a facility that is specific such as for example a parking deck, health center, athletic facility, or pupil center. The name of this facility cost differs across organizations and generally speaking corresponds towards the task being supported ( ag e.g. Student Center Fee). PPV tasks have unique reporting demands described in BPM Section 25. in some instances, center charges will independently be assessed as a standalone cost. In other situations, a few of the mandatory pupil fees described above might have a facility component. The PPV reporting should not include the costs associated with running specific programming or personnel not dedicated to managing or operating the facility in situations where the facility portion is only a component of the fee. Housing and meals solution charges (described when you look at the section that is following may also have center component.

Center charges should typically be charged to pupils that have usage of the center constructed. Therefore, there may be circumstances where these charges should simply be evaluated up to a specific portion of pupils. Evaluating a facility charge to pupils that do don’t you have the center may not be a proper or wise choice. Part for the BOR Policy handbook provides assistance with mandatory cost waivers. Additionally, if you will find any relevant questions regarding the pupils become charged or offered by way of a charge funded center, please contact the Office of Strategy & Fiscal Affairs.

Section 25 of this BPM discusses allowable expenses of center charge income. Center charges should always be utilized to pay for base lease, extra rents, and functional expenses in the project which is why the cost had been examined. Base rent covers the key and interest on capital rent responsibilities. Extra rent may be the replacement and renewal book that is maintained by the foundation’s trustee for repairs and renovation as required to help keep the center functional. Operational expenses should always be restricted to expenses straight pertaining to the task, such as for example upkeep, resources, materials and devoted workers. Center costs aren’t permitted to be used on money expenses. Rather, these money expenses should be included in the renewal and replacement book held because of the building blocks.

Historically, the building blocks sponsored PPV jobs supported by center costs are created to produce a 1.0-1.05 protection ratio on a yearly foundation.

Georgia Higher Education Facilities Authority (GHEFA) funded jobs are developed with extremely tight margins. Such a thing above a 1.0 protection is effectively the extra profits produced from revenues after disbursements for leasing re payments and costs that are operating. Organizations have to hold these funds in book to pay for task shortfalls which will occur at a subsequent date.

Organizations should be careful in making use of these reserve funds aside from for project-specific requirements. Any office of Strategy & Fiscal Affairs must approve usage of reserves corresponding to 10 percent (10%) or greater associated with the current net cash/project book stability in almost any financial 12 months. The aim of the machine workplace is always to keep project that is sufficient to generally meet unforeseen monetary challenges aided by the task. This requirement is detailed in BPM Section 25.6.6.