The “masseur and medical lifeguard” is one of the health-related professions.

The field of activity incorporates all measures of “physical therapy”, like several approaches of massage and reflex zone therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, movement therapy, electrical, light and radiation therapy, heat and cold applications at the same time as hydrotherapy with its medical baths, Kneipp water applications, inhalations and unique spa treatment options. The “physical therapy” has its fixed location inside the therapy plans and takes location on medical directions. The focus of your perform paraphrase citation apa of a “masseur and health-related bath attendant” is the patient or individual. Thus, incredibly particular needs are placed on the practitioner: p >

Sense of duty, helpfulness, empathy, motivation, intelligence and expert qualifications.

In virtually all specialist departments and clinics, overall health resorts, rehabilitation centers, massage and physiotherapy practices or within the med. The masseur and med. Lifeguard his sphere of activity. Furthermore to therapeutic operate on individuals to stop, treat or remedy a disease, the regions of well being care and maintenance, rephraser net wellness and fitness also as the care of athletes are becoming an increasing number of essential. Accordingly, additional exciting work opportunities arise by means of additional coaching measures, e.g. As a trainer in sports clubs, health insurance coverage businesses, rheumatism leagues, charities and adult education centers. A shortened education course to grow to be a physiotherapist is also possible.

The coaching.

The training lasts a total of two years and is divided into a 2-year school-based education with a state final examination in addition to a 6-month internship in hospitals, practices or medical institutions. Right after successfully finishing the complete instruction course, the graduate receives permission to use the experienced title? Masseur und med. Lifeguards?. Classes take place all day from Monday to Friday.

The lesson content material.

Also towards the locations of “physical therapy” in theory and practice currently mentioned inside the job description, the following added subjects are taught:

Anatomy and physiology basic and special pathology, initial aid and bandage technology, hygiene, occupational, legal and political studies, applied physics and biomechanics, prevention and rehabilitation, sociology, education and psychology, language and literature.

Conditions for registration.

Minimum age 16 years of secondary college qualification or an equivalent college education, wellness qualification.


Course begin: October 1st of every year Application date: at any time Please enclose with the application for admission:

Curriculum vitae Two photographs School leaving certificate (certified copy) Copies of certificates about earlier activities Birth certificate (copy) Healthcare well being certificate regarding the suitability to exercising the profession, like the complete vaccination status (not older than three months) Existing police clearance certificate (not older than three months) Proof of a Internship in a hospital / nursing household or within a therapeutic facility.

Annex 6-8 have to be readily available in the newest in the start off of the course.

Education costs *

College charge: 275 euros per month Admission charge: one hundred euros Exam charge: 50 euros Teaching materials: approx. 200 euros * As of 1/2017, subject to transform.

Get in touch with:

Massage college at Pius-Hospital Oldenburg Georgstra?e 12, 26121 Oldenburg Headmistress: Petra Rosenfeld Telephone: 0441 229-1210 Fax: 0441 229-1215 E-Mail: massage school pius-hospital todd de.