The very first step in the restoration process is knowing precisely what’s been ruined and what needs to be fixed. We welcome you to watch the videos below to find out more about your water and how you can benefit from installing a Premium Pelican System on your own home. This is when they’ll use their moisture sensors and meters to see how far the damage goes and how moist the place is, for example, ceiling, walls, and carpet/carpet pad or other flooring. Pelican Water is the leader in premium whole house water filtration and salt-free systems. It is going to also be determined whether the electricity is in jeopardy or has been shorted out from water. In this day and age it becoming more important than ever to filter your own water, protect your pipes and appliances out of the negative effects of hard water.

Turning power sources off at the electrical box may or may not occur depending on the extent of the damage. Learn about the problems we are facing now with our limited drinking water supply. In this time period, it’s important to talk with the technician and find out precisely what needs to be done in order to correct the water damage problems. Also find out about the Pelican alternative for your family. There might be tear-out which will occur, and it’s important to know beforehand who will be doing repairs at the completion of this job. Discover how chlorine and chloramines are absorbed through your skin and to your foods, such as how to eliminate them out of the own water.

Eliminate Standing Water. Water is one of the most valuable resources and its time to begin treating that way. When there is standing water in the area, this will be taken off. Learn about the affects of salt-based water softeners and how they work. No additional work will be able to continue if the water stays in the place.

Also find out about Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and how they work. This will also enable the technicians to find the origin of the issue (in case it’s coming from a broken pipe or backed up drain) so that the issue can be taken care of. [During The Restoration] Many men and women that have a salt or potassium-based water purifier do not realize the damaging effects it can have on our planet and our bodies within a time period. Prevent Further Damage. Find out about the benefits and advantages of possessing the Pelican Combo Series. Taking care of water damage needs to be achieved in a timely manner. The EPA says it’s all your choice to filter your own water in your property. If it sits for too long, there’s a possibility that more damage will occur or even a category of water loss Category 1 water damage will become a Category 2, which can have impacts on your wellbeing.

Adding a filter to your home is the first line of defense against harmful chemicals and byproducts. This measure may consist of calling a plumber (if one hasn’t been called) to discover and stop any leaks. The Pelican NaturSoft system offers a green option to water softening which will protect your largest investment: your home, from hard water limescale and the damaging effects of hard water. It may also require the elimination of flooring, walls, and ceiling.

Installation Diagrams and Guides. Water damage can weaken the integrity of particular structural materials, which makes them a danger if they collapse. Specs and Product Information back to high. In some cases, this material might not be able to wash properly, so to stop water remaining trapped in the area, it is going to be removed.

Pelican Dosatron Professional Chemical Injector Pump Warranty: Pelican Water ("Pelican") warrants to the end user ("client ") that its Dosatron Professional Chemical Injector Pump Motor (top half of unit) will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 1 year. Drying. The Dosatron Professional Chemical Injector Pump Adjustment Ratio Negative (lower half of unit) will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 90 days. After the standing water has been taken away and materials that may pose a drying or structural hazard have been removed, the drying process will start.

The Chemical Injector Pump tubing is not covered as part of the warranty. This frequently involves placing fans and a dehumidifier in the area. Limitations and Responsibilities: Pelican’s responsibility to the customer under these warranties shall be restricted, at Pelican’s option, to repair or replacement of Covered Items by these warranties, labour is not covered.

In some cases, it may also involve placing plastic sheeting up and using heaters so that the water can evaporate. These warranties do not cover replacement filter cartridges, elements or lamps. If walls are impacted, it may be required to remove baseboards or drill holes in order that they wash properly.

Before return or repair of Covered Items, the consumer must obtain a return merchandise authorization number in Pelican by/at and in Pelicans alternative, return the Covered Items freight prepaid.