after all, the fan community for The O.C. is similar to in its mid-to-late-20s or even 30s at this time, therefore ideally this throwaway that is little joke is not completely blowing everyone’s minds, but yes, I’m certain he knows that there surely is a diehard contingent on the market who’s surprised, appalled, saddened in what he’s said. And I’d have to assume that that has been his intent. He can’t have these barnacles clinging to their boat any more. He’s a 34-year-old guy who would like brand new possibilities, new acting adventures, and also as long as he’s got these Seth Cohen maniacs available to you demanding he wear Converse sneakers and their locks all rumply and commemorate Chrismukkah on a yearly basis, he can’t make genuine progress. So he’s killed Seth down, and ideally with him some of these barnacles. Those zebra mussels clogging up their machines. Certain it had been cruel, nonetheless it ended up being necessary. Meanwhile, any fans of Sandy Cohen can take a moment, and encouraged also, to complete cling to him for as long because they like, as Peter Gallagher assures us that Sandy continues to be alive, well, and making bagels. Us Weekly

Shaun White, the Olympic medal-bedecked snowboarder referred to as Flying Tomato (I think because he turns bright red on airplanes)

established today which he will never be contending in another of his scheduled activities at the Sochi Olympics. He had been likely to take part in the Slopestyle competition, a brand new occasion that basically tosses snowboarders and skiers down a hill and informs them to jump through to railings and material and never break their necks. White stated that the possibility of damage is just too great, particularly when he desires to concentrate on winning their 3rd gold for the halfpipe. Which, OK, we purchase that to some degree. The Slopestyle thing does appear pretty crazy, just what while using the bumps and ramps and humps and hamps and long lasting heck else these bozos have actually imagined up. But there is however a dubious added benefit to just contending into the one occasion: it indicates they can either arrive at Sochi late or keep Sochi early. And also by all records thus far? It’s not too fun being in Sochi. Half-finished resort hotels which can be currently dilapidated, dirty roadways, and undoubtedly snow madness. Ha, simply joking in regards to the snow madness component. It is going to stay in the 50s for just like the remaining portion of the week over here. Ain’t no snow madness to be enjoyed. But yes, just doing the main one occasion could conceivably limit the Tomatah’s amount of time in Russia, which will be most likely a thing that is good this aspect. Sorry to Sochi, but things don’t appear all of that great there! Therefore fly away, Tomato. Fly fly away. Us Weekly

A small woman won a competition to expend just about every day with star George Clooney, and thus George Clooney invested every day with a girl that is small.

There is some competition online that benefited certainly one of Clooney’s hot asian wife charities and a lot of individuals joined it, including this little son or daughter, and she won. Therefore at some time George Clooney should have gotten a call that went something similar to, “You are going to be investing every day with a girl” that is small he nodded and said, “OK.” So the kid went with him to a taping of Late Show with David Letterman and also to the latest York premiere of Monuments guys. She ended up being along with her mother, therefore George did involve some adult business, however the entire function of a single day would be to spend it with a girl that is small. Riding in black colored SUVs having a girl that is little speaking about things. Isn’t that odd. What type of little girl states, “I would like to invest your day with George Clooney,” I wonder? Ah well, it does not matter. One or more young girl said that, and she won, and thus she and George Clooney invested on a daily basis together. We wonder whatever they discussed. Did she be asked by him about college? Did she ask him in regards to the Sudan and just how he remembers all their lines? And exactly how did the end day? Did he shake arms along with her and state, “Well, goodbye young girl,” after which she stated “Goodbye George Clooney”? Exactly what a strange thing! “How had been your entire day utilizing the tiny child?” “Oh it absolutely was fine.” “Good.” Then you get up the next time and you’re perhaps perhaps not with some girl or you’re perhaps perhaps not with George Clooney also it’s nearly like it never occurred. Is not the global globe funny. Daily Mail

Sarah Jessica Parker ended up being on Morning Joe today and she ended up being really smart and modest and charming plus it’s funny considering that the Morning Joe hosts had been clearly a small taken aback by just exactly how well-spoken and gracious she ended up being, because that is often maybe not the mode for early early morning news show guests. Therefore, I dunno, you can view that in the event that you want. It’s pleasant. New York Regular News