so i informed her concerning the hair and room factor and a pair extra examples. she said how dying my hair isnt a aim and that she never mentioned i couldnt do the room thing and that she was simply saying its unrealistic.

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i dont want to make things difficult in the good friend group or make individuals feel like they’ve to pick sides. we have been pals since like beginning of seventh grade(we’re in 9th now virtually 10th). A got here to me cuz she kinda knew me from 5th grade from mutual pals and her “well-liked group” kinda kicked her out for her acting toxic or something. between 7th grade and now, ive met like four or 5 different really close associates and kinda shaped my group. A all the time hated it when i’d introduce a new pal and even confirmed me her diary about how upset she was and how they were “stealing me away from her”. seeing that made me pretty uncomfortable, however i figured thats in the past cuz she and most of them are pretty chill now for essentially the most half.

But Sometimes People Just Don’t Mesh Your Partner And Your Friend May Not Be Two Peas In A Pod.

My husband isn’t violent, he’s never hit me or the children however he is very manipulative and puts me through a lot psychological and emotional abuse. I just need to stay a contented life with just me and my youngsters. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. This is the primary time I’ve talked about this to others.

i simply feel like none of my factors are ever getting across to her. aside from all that, we even have a lot of enjoyable generally once we hangout and we can like snicker and simply chill. this is why i actually dont know what to do about her, as a result of generally i feel like she understood what i stated and is changin and then she just goes again to doing the issues that hurt me in the first place. sorry this story went on for method too long, i simply need there to be context. if anyone might assist me out thatd be sick. toxicity isn’t easy to spot, and when you determine you are in a poisonous relationship, both get out of it or set things straight.

I’ve by no means cheated on anybody in my life, haven’t ever given him a cause to not belief me bust due to past relationships he doesn’t trust individuals. It’s been 20 years, collectively for 22 years.

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I truly love when he’s gone as a result of we don’t need to walk around on eggs shells and surprise what kind of mood he shall be in. It affects our kids too, we have 2 boys and a three year old little lady. I discover myself telling them they need to do no matter chore they should as a result of daddy shall be off at no matter time. Whenever I’m in my telephone, he asks what I’m doing. He has always thought I was “as much as one thing “.

hey, i relate to lots of these tales and have been questioning if my good friend is a toxic friend just lately. another pals in our good friend group dont like her because she has a history of getting really possessive of me and getting upset when im hanging out with another pal.

lately we’ve nonetheless been hangin out pretty consistently, however we get in fights a lot more. they often find yourself with me siding together with her even when shes wrong because i dont wish to begin one thing massive. and then theres her just not making me be ok with objectives or achievements. im a fairly impulsive individual, however i normally suppose things over earlier than doing them. i additionally showed her this room that was like my room inspo and she or he just completely shot it down saying i used to be never gunna truly do this and how i couldnt afford it.

I tried to depart him about 6-7 years ago however he begged be not to and stated he would do better and change. I’m tired of being depressed, sad, stressed. I’m a contented particular person, I love life, God has blessed me with a lot. But after I’m round my husband I really feel the life being sucked out of me. My dad and mom know what I’m going via, I assume his mom knows how he’s been to me. I hold praying that God will provide me with the best approach to get out of this although I know divorce is frowned upon in church, I know this isn’t what God would need for me and my youngsters.

she continued to say how shes been supporting me in my accutane journey and understanding . i stated ya and that im grateful for that, but that its simply those little issues that make me really feel upset. she went on to say how dangerous i used to be making her really feel. i kinda simply dry snapped A for a couple days, but pretty soon she just acted like nothing ever occurred, which happens so much each time we fight.

A snapped again bein like “jeez whats mistaken with you?” so i assumed i’ll as properly handle the issues ive been having with her recently. i informed her how lots of issues seem to turn into a contest with her and that i feel like im being one upped plenty of the time.

extra lately i told her how my swimsuits lastly got here and i used to be actually excited and A just was like oh cool. they may appear to be stupid little issues, but theyre actually upsetting when theyre occurring on a regular basis. i dont wanna evaluate, but my other associates are at all times supportive of me and get excited when im excited and vice-versa. every thing simply turns into a competition with her and its really exhausting. a pair weeks or so in the past, i informed A i couldnt hang around cuz i used to be cleanin the again porch for some mula. A snapped me back saying how she was getting like 50 dollars from sum after which one other like 20. id had enough so i used to be similar to oh coool.

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A told me she was just doing what i was doing with the money thing. i informed her it just didnt feel like it and i was just kinda goin off cuz i was like when else am i gunna get the possibility to speak about these things. ik i may’ve timed it higher or introduced it up later, however i was fairly labored up. so i said that isnt all thats been mistaken and that i simply really feel like she never really helps my targets or the things im happy about. A requested if i could give an instance as a result of what i was saying “really makes people feel unhealthy”.