Beautiful Bride’s of Clematis is a hybrid grapevine/plant whose fresh fruit is the scale a large orange/red grapefruit. The moment fully ready it weighs in clusters of four and produces a refreshing juicy grapefruit-like beverage. The leaves and flowers will be full of the aroma sweetens this kind of refreshing, citrus flavor, and the fragrance makes us look and feel happy and fresh.

Gorgeous Bride Clematis is a medium-size perennial vine that features some of the largest flowers we have at any time viewed. With an exceptionally well-branched, thick-stemmed, medium-size walking vine, the pretty white blossoms unfold coming from bottom to top in a short, yet long-lasting, second bloom period in late spring. This particular Clematis grows outdoors throughout much of the southwest and Mexico, and blooms a lot every year. Its very flavorful, bright-colored blooms build a beautiful, summertime garden appear that will focus any big day.

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